Sunflower Lecithin Liposome

The sunflower liposome consists of the application of some injections of enzymes in the affected regions. At each session, the individual may notice the loss of a few centimeters in the circumference of the waist, arms, or thighs. The sessions last an average of 40 minutes and must be followed by lymphatic drainage to maximize the results. It is recommended to buy packages of 10 sessions and applications must be made once a week.

how to make liposomal vitamin c with liquid sunflower lecithin

The sunflower liposome promises to break down the localized fat molecules, allowing them to leak. Subsequently, they will be eliminated through urine and sweat. What the lymphatic drainage does is only facilitate its exit and remove the remaining toxins.

Despite the treatment, it is necessary to follow a low-calorie diet, drink plenty of water and do physical activity, because, with the body in perfect balance, the results are faster.

The technique has contraindications for pregnant, lactating, obese, and hypertensive patients.

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