Homemade Gatorade to take During Physical Activity

This natural isotonic to be taken during training is a homemade re-moisturizer that replaces industrial isotonic such as Gatorade, for example. It is a recipe rich in minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll, which besides being natural is very simple to make and helps to have better results with the workout.

To prepare this refreshment, follow the recipe below:

isotonic natural to take during training


  • 300 ml of coconut water
  • 2 apples
  • 1 cabbage stalk

Preparation mode

Beat the ingredients in a blender and strain afterward.

A good suggestion for preparing this natural moisturizer for training is to use very cold coconut water and pass the apple peel and cabbage stalk in the centrifuge and then mix.

This natural drink replaces sports drinks such as Gatorade, Sportage, or Marathon very well, hydrating much better and faster than pure water, without producing the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. And in addition to providing some energy and especially minerals, it facilitates and prolongs the workout time, before installing fatigue, thus improving the quality of the physical activity.

Another option is a delicious energy drink prepared with honey and lemon, which in addition to maintaining hydration, also improves performance during training, as it provides energy. 

See how to prepare this homemade drink by watching the video of our adviserDoctor team: VIDEO

The training moisturizers, isotonic or as well known, sports drinks, are indicated for athletes or active people who spend more than an hour at the gym because they quickly replace the fluids and minerals lost with sweat.

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