How can I Discolor Hair Properly [At Home]

A very simple homemade way to bleach hair properly is to use a mixture of 20 volumes of hydrogen peroxide with a packet of bleaching powder that you can buy at pharmacies or drugstores.

How can I Discolor Hair Properly, How to Discolor Hair Properly

In order not to take any risks, you should do a test with the mixture by applying it on a small region of the skin and wait 15 minutes, if you do not notice any changes, there is no problem and it can pass through the whole body, except the face and hands.

Then, put on plastic gloves and pass the mixture over the entire area you want to discolor and let it act for up to 30 minutes. Then it is best to take a bath to completely remove the bleach and apply a moisturizing cream all over the body.

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