7 Types of Good Stretches to Relieve Tendonitis

Stretching to relieve tendonitis pain should be done regularly, and it is not necessary to exert too much force, so as not to worsen the problem, however, if during stretching there is severe pain or tingling sensation, it is recommended to consult a physiotherapist or orthopedist.

These stretches relieve tendon inflammation, thereby reducing localized pain, a burning sensation, lack of muscle strength, or the swelling common in tendonitis.

Stretches for arms

For those who have tendonitis in the hand, wrist or elbow, some of the stretches indicated to relieve the pain and stiffness caused by tendonitis are:

Stretching 1

Start by stretching your arm forward, parallel to the floor, and with your palm out and rotate your arm so that your hand is facing downwards. Then, to perform the stretching with the other hand, pull your fingers back, not forgetting the thumb, in order to feel the inside of the arm to stretch.

Another way to perform this stretch is with the arm stretched forward and with the palm out, but this time with the hand pointing upwards.

This stretch should be done for 30 seconds and can be repeated 2 to 3 times a day.

Stretching 2

stretches for achilles tendon pain

Extend your arm forward so that your palm is facing inward and your hand is facing down. Then, to perform the stretch, pull your fingers down and in with your other hand, in order to stretch and stretch the outer part of the arm.

Stretching 3

best stretches for bicep tendonitis

Standing, put your arms behind your back, turn your palms outward, and cross your fingers. Then, stretch by extending and stretching your elbows (as far as you can go) for 30 seconds straight.

Stretching 4

stretches for patella tendonitis

Standing, with your arms stretched forward, turn your palms outward and cross the fingers of both hands. Then, extend and stretch your arms and elbows well, allowing them to stretch for 30 seconds.

Some of these stretches are also beneficial for those with shoulder tendonitis, especially stretches 3 and 4 that stretch this region.

Hip and Knee Stretches

For those with tendonitis in the hip or knees, some stretches indicated to facilitate movement and mitigate pain and stiffness, include:

Stretching 5

achilles tendon stretches for runners

When standing, spread your feet so that they are aligned with your shoulders and then stretch by bending your body forward to touch your hands on the floor, always keeping your knees straight.

Stretching 6

good stretches for tendonitis

When standing, spread your feet so that they are aligned with your shoulders and then, to stretch, bend your body forward and always with your knees straight, tilt your body to the left side, so that you can grasp the left foot.

Stretching 7

eccentric stretches for achilles tendonitis

Standing again, spread your feet so that they are aligned with your shoulders and then to stretch, bend your body forward and always keeping your knees straight, tilt your body to the right, in order to grab your right foot.

When to Stretch

These stretches should be done early in the morning or before and after physical activity, as they improve muscle flexibility and decrease stiffness, also helping to alleviate pain.

Tendonitis can appear in different regions of the body, however, they are more common in the hands, ankle, shoulder, hip, wrist, elbow or knees. To treat and cure tendonitis, it may be necessary to take anti-inflammatory and analgesic remedies, and physical therapy and regular stretching at home are also indicated, which alleviate the tendinitis natural pain and stiffness. 

See other tips on what you can do and what you can eat to end tendonitis by watching this video:

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