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CC Cream 12 in 1, by Vizcaya, has 12 functions in just 1 cream, such as hydration, restoration, and protection of hair strands, as it is made with ojon oil, jojoba oil, panthenol, and creatine, which help to restructure the hair, moisturizing it, protecting it and giving it shine and softness.

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The 12 benefits of using CC Cream for hair are:

  1. Moisturize: jojoba oil moisturizes the hair strands, making them stronger;
  2. Nourish: ojon oil nourishes the hair, helping to maintain the shine and softness of the strands;
  3. Give shine: ojon oil is responsible for renewing the shine of hair strands;
  4. Check softness: also due to ojon oil, the hair strands are softer and softer to the touch;
  5. Strengthen hair strands, to be more hydrated, get stronger and resistant to temperature differences;
  6. Restore: ojon oil and creatine help to restructure damaged hair;
  7. Making the strands looser: the hair strands, when restructured, become looser;
  8. Reduce frizz: the hydration of the hair makes it not dry and does not absorb moisture, which is responsible for creating the frizz;
  9. Decrease the volume: the hair strands are more defined and with a natural volume;
  10. Reduce split ends: hydration and restoration of hair strands makes them stronger, reducing split ends;
  11. Protect against temperature: panthenol helps to create a protective layer on the hair, protecting it against temperature differences;
  12. Protect against UV rays: the protective layer that panthenol creates on hair strands protects them from UV rays.

CC Cream combines all these benefits in just one cream and must be applied every day to be totally effective.

How to use CC Cream on Hair

CC Cream can be used on any type of hair, wet or dry, and in:

  • Short hair: you should only spray CC Cream on your hand once and then apply it along the hair strands;
  • Medium hair: you should spray CC Cream twice on your hand and then apply it along the hair strands;
  • Long hair: CC Cream should be sprayed three times on the hand and then applied along the hair strands.

CC Cream should not be applied to the hair root and, when applied on wet hair, it can then dry the hair normally.

CC Cream Price

The price of CC Cream 12 in 1, from amazon, is around $13 Check Price

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