7 Benefits of Sleep for Weight Loss – effective method

Sleeping well helps with weight loss, as it helps regulate hormones such as ghrelin and leptin. These hormones are important to control hunger, but sleeping less than 6 hours a day increases the production of stress hormones, which increases appetite and makes it harder to Fat Burning.  

Most people need to sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day for restoring energy and regulating body functions.

A healthy person spends an average of about 80 calories per hour of sleep. This value shows that sleeping alone does not lose weight, but sleeping well helps weight loss in other ways, such as:

benefits of sleep for weight loss

1. Decreases ghrelin production

Ghrelin is a hormone produced in the stomach that aids digestion, but also increases hunger and stimulates appetite. When we sleep little or badly, it can be produced in greater quantity, which increases hunger and the desire to eat.

2. Increases leptin release

This hormone is produced during sleep and promotes a feeling of satiety. Production of leptin above that of ghrelin is important in regulating appetite and in controlling binge eating, which is when you feel an uncontrollable urge to eat.

3. Stimulates growth hormone

Growth hormone is produced in greater quantity during sleep, and it is important for those who want to lose weight, as it stimulates the reduction of body fat, the maintenance of the amount of lean mass and cell renewal, in addition to improving the functioning of the immune system. 

4. Produces melatonin

Melatonin helps you sleep better and increase the benefits of sleep, in addition to stimulating the neutralization of free radicals during this period and controlling the production of female hormones, which combats the accumulation of fat. 

5. Decrease stress

Hormones produced in stress, such as adrenaline and cortisol, increase in lack of sleep, and, when elevated, prevent fat burning and the formation of lean mass, in addition to increasing blood sugar levels, which makes weight loss difficult.

6. Increase mood

A good night’s sleep allows you to wake up with more energy the next day, which reduces laziness and increases your willingness to spend more calories through activities and exercise.

7. Helps you eat less

When you stay awake for a long time, the feeling of hunger and appetite increases. Already, a night of adequate sleep helps to prevent the urge to eat and make attacks on the refrigerator.

To achieve these benefits, it is not enough to sleep just the number of hours needed but to have quality sleep. For this, it is important to respect the sleep schedule, avoiding changing the night for the day, having a quiet and low light environment, and avoiding stimulating drinks after 5 pm, such as coffee or guarana, for example. Sleeping 30 minutes after lunch also helps to improve mood and sleep at night.

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